About Us

First, and foremost it is not about us, it is about our clients and their success.

We are a company consisting of experienced sales, operations, and marketing executives; who have been fortunate to have the opportunity to learn, and have the passion to successfully implement some of the most advanced sale processes and technologies available today.  The partners at SMB have extensive, senior level experience in high tech sales. We understand the intense pressure our clients face; we have lived that life and have successfully met the challenges.

Our passion is to help our client, the CEO, CFO, and Vice President of Sales to succeed. We formed our company to provide the information our clients need to build high performance sales organizations.  We strive to build long term, mutually beneficial, relationships based on trust, respect, and success.




SMB Partners

George Pappas

George has successful experience running a variety of organizations that create and sell software and services to customers in diverse industries including: communications service providers, conglomerates, enterprise and consumer high-tech firms, financial services organizations, consumer goods companies, and the US Government National Security community.

George has led in the innovation of several significant software products in a variety of markets.  From Database Design CASE tools, to payment and fraud detection technology for Cybercash’s 30,000 online merchants, to hosting automation software for millions of Parallels users, George’s products have generated over a hundred million dollars in sales.  Furthermore, he has direct knowledge of several infrastructure technologies: Operating Systems, Networking, Database technologies; as well as Internet Security, Internet Performance and Mobile Computing technologies.

In addition to his experience in innovation, He has over 20 years of direct “hands-on” experience in all of the major high technology business functions: Executive Management, Sales & Marketing, Product Management, R&D, and Finance/M&A.  George has proven the ability to build, lead and motivate teams across multiple locations, cultures and time zones.  He has built and led successful Sales and R&D teams in the US, Europe, Hong Kong, India, and Russia with team sizes ranging from 10 to 200.  George has been an executive at a variety of Boston and D.C. area companies including Bachman, Relay Technology, Plesk (now Parallels), CyberCash, and EduCap.

George is a graduate of Boston University with a BS/BA in IT and International Economics, where he also took advanced graduate course work in Operating Systems.  He is an active member in several technology councils and is a member of the Edison Venture Fund Director’s Network.  George currently serves on the Board of Presidium.


Jim Cannon

Jim has held successful sales leadership positions at several high tech Sales organizations.  He has led top performing units at IBM and Xerox in addition to successfully leading start-up sales organizations and turnarounds.  Jim spearheaded the development of a sophisticated revenue planning and forecasting system with George while he was Bachman’s first VP of Sales.  Aided by this powerful system, the successful implementation of innovative sales processes, and Jim and George’s leadership, the company achieved 300% year-to-year growth over a five year period and had a successful IPO.

During his tenure with IBM, Jim worked extensively with both IBM and its customers to improve sales force effectiveness by implementing world-class processes and CRM technology.  These sales effectiveness projects let him to examine the company’s revenue planning & forecasting processes, researching best practices and thoroughly researching vendor solutions.  This research convinced Jim that there was a significant unmet need for a closed loop system that address revenue planning, performance management, and forecasting.  In addition to IBM and Xerox, Jim has been an executive at a variety of Boston area companies including Bachman, Ontos, Centerline.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a BS degree in Economics and has received advanced Leadership and Management training in the USAF, Xerox, and IBM.


George and Jim work with a network of technology and sales process professionals that are assembled as a project team depending on your company’s needs.  SMB maintains offices in the metropolitan DC and Boston areas.


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