IBM Study Results

Lessons From World Class Sales Performers

In the late 1990's, IBM conducted a comprehensive study to determine the key success attributes of world class sales organizations. The information provided by the study became an important part of their impressive turnaround. The study revealed that the following success attributes are shared by all top performing Sales Forces:

  • Precise definition of markets and market segments.
  • Detailed definition of customers needs and buying criteria.
  • Developed a solid understanding of the value they delivered.
  • Disciplined buyer selection and targeted marketing efforts.
  • A focus on building relationships based on customer success vs. transaction selling.
  • Sophisticated Sales Revenue and Expense Planning.
  • Focused, Disciplined Opportunity/Pipeline Management.
  • Effective identification and sharing of best sales methods and approaches.
  • Effective account planning and global account management.
  • Development of Sales tools/aids that allows the ability to compete with both speed and quality.
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