Forecast Risk Review

Forecasting review service

The shortest path to more accurate sales forecasts!

We offer a comprehensive review of your existing sales forecasting process that will help you better understand the risk in your monthly commitment to your senior management team or the Board of Directors and gives you specific recommendations on how to improve the process.

We perform several steps in delivering this service:

  • Examine existing forecasting process
  • Are steps in the selling process validated by criteria? Key steps based on actions taken by prospects?
  • Are "commit" practices used? What is their basis?
  • Are "weighted" averages used for revenue? Weighted dates used?
  • Look at mechanics of pipeline aggregation and rollup
  • Look at risk factors used in determining corporate revenue commitment
  • Gather Historical data where available through interviews and corporate records review
  • Actual sales cycles
  • Average sale amounts
  • Large sale amounts and their timing patterns
  • Sales rep accuracy
  • Customer type patterns
  • Product line patterns
  • Verify data needed for risk model and simulation
  • Build Risk Model
  • Identify key risk assumptions
  • Build risk profiles for risk assumptions
  • Identify correlations between key assumptions
  • Build formats for simulations and output of results
  • Build and run Simulation
  • Identify level of risk in current forecast projection
  • Provide risk-adjusted projection with confidence levels
  • Provide sensitivity analysis of key risk drivers that impact results
  • Put risk model template in place for re-use
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