Sales Plan Review

Sales plan review service

Let us reduce the risk of hitting your sales goals!

We offer a comprehensive review of your existing sales plan that will help you better understand the risk in your commitment to the company and identify alternative sets of actions to mitigate the risk in successful execution. We can further identify potential upsides based on the economic model of the sales force and compensation structure that can drive more revenue growth while improving your organization's bottom line.

Here are the tasks we perform:

  • Examine and categorize sales plan assumptions
  • What are the sales productivity assumptions? What are the new sales hire productivity assumptions?
  • What are the expected transaction metrics?
  • What are the expense assumptions? How is the compensation expense modeled?
  • What are the marginal economics of the plan?
  • What do other functions (Marketing, etc.) need to produce as inputs into the plan?
  • Gather Historical data where available through interviews and corporate records review
  • Actual compensation practices and past results. Top and bottom payouts.
  • Actual average sales transaction and transaction patterns
  • Actual expense patterns
  • Organizational, regional, or product line economics.
  • Build Risk Model
  • Identify key risk assumptions
  • Build risk profiles for risk assumptions
  • Identify correlations between key assumptions
  • Build formats for simulations and output of results
  • Build and run simulation
  • Identify level of risk in revenue plan projection
  • Provide risk-adjusted projection with confidence levels
  • Provide sensitivity analysis of key risk drivers that impact results
  • Run process to test multiple hiring scenarios, comp plan scenarios, and expense policy scenarios.
  • Examine key plan dependencies and provide recommendations for managing risk
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