Our Services

What can we do for you?

We are seasoned sales executives and technologists who understand the challenges you face. We created SMB LLC to help our clients maximize their potential by helping them solve complex problems that restrict revenue growth and profitability.

We have designed several service offerings to help you gain the maximum amount of management leverage from our SalesOps system or whatever technology platform you use. We have designed two quickstart programs for more accurate sales forecasts and better sales plans that can quickly provide valuable results for your senior team. These quickstart programs can be performed using your existing methods and tools, whether you use an SFA system or Excel.

Examples of our other services offerings include:

  • Sales Operations workshops and on-site tutorials using the advanced techniques illustrated on this site
  • Sales measurement and collaboration with with our SalesOps software or other analytic system
  • Extensive historical analysis of past sales productivity, sales cycle metrics, expenses with benchmark comparison
  • Sales cycle methods, practices, and their implementation in a variety of Sales Operations systems including excel
  • Sales forecasting practices and how to be more accurate
  • Effective benchmarking and how to use comparisons to boost performance

No product is complete without a full array of services around it to ensure customer success. These services offerings are proof that we care about your success with us.  For more information, please contact us.


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