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SalesOps software system

We have created a patent-pending, Sales Operations software system that is designed to help companies reduce the risk and increase the precision of running their high-growth sales organizations.  Our team has put over 50 years of sales management experience and best practices into the system to help teams identify and solve all kinds of sales execution problems before they become large and negatively impact the company’s growth.  It is the first system available that integrates the activities of sales planning, performance management, and forecasting.  As a result, it provides a level of depth in each functional area that is unmatched today.  SalesOps takes the data in your CRM system and makes it more relevant to strategic sales execution and risk management issues.

Our system provides these important capabilities:

  • Build better sales plans. Create a sales plan taking into account actual sales productivity, seasonality, the true cost of attrition, the cost/benefit/risk of various hiring scenarios, new-hire productivity lag, channels mix.  Model multiple compensation strategies at varying levels of performance.
  •  Better manage sales performance. Allow the senior team to constantly monitor the variance in the above assumptions from the plan, assess their impact, and help diagnose the means to correct the variance.
  •  Identify revenue variances with more advance notice.  The system looks at each sales rep’s pipeline conversion, sales cycle length, average sale amount and then analyzes their current sales pipeline to tell you how much revenue you can expect and when you can expect it.  It then compares this to each sales rep’s individual sales plan to spot revenue shortfalls well in advance of when they occur.
  • Produce more accurate sales forecasts.  The system compares a sales rep’s historical forecast accuracy (both timing and amount) and applies a handicap to  the current sales forecast from that rep.  It gives management several ways to better understand the risk in their sales forecast and adjust it appropriately.
  •  Create better Sales Territories.  Help the senior team design and maintain balanced sales territories as they add new people to the organization.  The system analyzes the economic value of multiple territory allocation scenarios and compares them to individual and team quotas.  It can also incorporate existing customers and follow-on sales scenarios.

The system is built on a commercial, scalable OLAP platform that provides dynamic read-write modeling capabilities and ETL integration to accommodate data from CRM systems (including Salesforce, SAP, Oracle/Siebel, MSFT, etc.)

The SalesOps system is designed to support a variety of working styles. It does not impose a defined sequence of steps on the user. As a result, it can be easily integrated into your existing working methods. It is very flexible and easy to learn.

Why is it a better approach?

  • It is easy to use and implement because it provides comprehensive metrics and analysis without creating extra work. It uses existing sales pipeline and forecasting information to perform its calculations.
  • You don't have to use all of the system at once. You can start by using as little or as much of the system as you want and still gain an increase in your strategic capacity to execute. You can easily use more of the system over time for even greater benefit.
  • It works with any sales methodology and is customizable
  • If your data quality is uneven, the system can still provide its intended value
  • It adds value to existing CRM deployments by providing a strategic, analytical view of the transactions processed through these systems
  • Provides value to sales representatives, sales management, and senior management

Product Availability

The SalesOps system is available in single-user or multi-user versions and priced appropriately for small and large companies.  We provide the system with or without ongoing sales management support (see services).  If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact us at  If you would like to be informed when we hold a webinar, please contact us and we will notify you when one is scheduled.


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