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This site contains a sampling of best practices information on how to manage aggressive sales expansion for CEO’s of rapidly growing companies.  It is owned and operated by SMB LLC, specialists in successful rapid sales growth.

How do you rapidly grow Sales while managing risk?

Rapidly growing sales is a tremendous challenge with many risks that must be balanced.  Getting it right and managing the process well often makes the difference between success and failure for small companies.  Many stake-holders including employees, investors, customers, and industry players judge a company’s success on its ability to drive and sustain rapid revenue growth.  To drive growth, companies must make and execute many important decisions.  These include:

  • How fast should we try to grow and how much capital will we need?
  • How many sales people should we hire?  When should we hire them?
  • How long should it take new hires to start producing sales? To reach full productivity?
  • How should we leverage direct sales with channels, partnerships, and the internet?
  • How much should we pay for sales performance?  What should the Quotas be?
  • How should we define territories and allocate sales opportunities?
  • How does our performance compare with our peers?  Should we raise our expectations?
  • How can we reduce the risk of missed revenue goals and inaccurate sales forecasts?
  • What is really in the pipeline and when can we expect it to close?
  • What should the long-term economics of our revenue generation look like? How can we get there?

This site will explore these and many other topics related to successful sales growth and sales risk management.  It will share specifics ideas and discuss analytic techniques that companies can use to stay ahead of the curve.  While these topics are generally the operational responsibility of the company’s sales leader, the CEO and Board often have direct interest and involvement in them due to the importance of getting this right.

Sales execution challenges first surface as revenue shortfalls and missed sales forecasts; however, the problems are often below the surface and start with incomplete sales planning and ad-hoc performance management.  As a result, the following pages discuss Sales Revenue and Expense Planning, Performance Management, and Forecast Risk Management in more detail.  Additionally, the topics of Sales Compensation, Territory Analysis, and Benchmarking are covered.  The performance management section also illustrates some innovative techniques to help you understand just how much revenue you can expect from your pipeline and how to detect revenue shortfalls with more advance notice.  Content will be added continuously.  If you would like to be notified of updates as they occur please let us know.

SMB has collected a variety of sales benchmarks and has created a proprietary, SalesOps analytic software system that helps companies reduce the risk and increase the precision of running their high-growth sales organizations.  Our SalesOps system uses the transaction data stored in your CRM system (e.g. salesforce.com, MSFT, etc.) to identify the strategic sales issues facing your company.  It helps you find the hidden points of leverage to successfully drive more growth and address problems before they become large and negatively impact your organization.  It is used to illustrate many of the concepts discussed in this site.  If you would like more information our services or the software system, please contact us.  Take a look at our quickstart section to see some of the packaged offerings we provide to help growing companies successfully expand their businesses.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me directly at george@salesrisk.com.

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